Lavender Wand-Offered in August only


This month will be my 10 year wedding anniversary! We had a very simple wedding and for favors I made beautiful fragrant lavender wands like these for our guests. Everybody loved them and I still have mine to this day.

The lavender has to be picked fresh for each wand and the best time to do that is early in the morning when the buds & stems are moist.

The scent lasts for years. To refresh, just gently squeeze the pod & the natural oils will be released in the flowers as they rub against each other inside the pod.

The wand is ready for use in a lingerie or linen drawer, tied to a beautifully wrapped present, as a bridesmaid or wedding guest favor, hostess gift or simply in a single stem vase.

They are tied with raffia or ribbon and measure approximately 10″

Will ship in approximately 3 days.

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