final1456451037069I grew up in the 70's a child of wonderful, thoughtful & adventurous hippie parents who traveled through Europe, camping in random fields, in the back of a beat up, sky blue Landrover. Life was an adventure!

We would spend months on the road and I would follow my mother into the Farmers markets in Europe & the Souks in North Africa. This is where I first discovered Bedouin jewelry. It was silver, beaded and bold. My mother wore these pieces with pride as well as unique and special jewelry from other places we traveled to. They weren't expensive items but they had style and told a story.

Back at our campsites, I would collect rocks with my father and he would explain their special and individual qualities and benefits, revealing a whole world behind the stones to me. They were no longer just something pretty to look at but were believed to hold magical properties that could enhance the quality of your life.

 These childhood experiences have a strong influence in the jewelry I make. My desire is to create meaningful jewelry "of the Earth" that represents both spiritually and aesthetically what surrounds me. I craft my jewelry from our beautiful farm nestled in the foothills of Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine. I am inspired by all the beautiful nature and animals that I experience on the farm and the constant change in scenery. I make all the jewelry myself using fine silver and semi precious stones that I believe hold the magical properties I spoke of. My aim is to tell my story through unique jewelry that reflects the beauty around me and pays tribute to all things Natural and Good.