The Process

Nantucket Jewelry Designer Describes The Process

My Unique Nantucket Style Jewelry Design Process
The majority of the jewelry I design here on the island of Nantucket MA is created with the fine silver, sterling silver, 22kt gold accents and semi-precious stones. Fine silver is made with Silver Metal Clay. This type of clay was developed in the early 1990's in Japan by metallurgist Dr. Morikawa. It consists of microscopic particles of pure silver, water and a non-toxic, organic binder and has a clay-like texture. It is manufactured from ethically-mined materials, as well as recycled and reclaimed metals obtained from scrap jewelry, cell phones, computers, monitors and industrial waste. I try to make my jewelry designs as eco-friendly and ethically responsible as possible.

Precious metal clay can be rolled out, molded, stamped or carved. Once the clay is dried and refined it can be fired in either the kiln or with a blowtorch. During this process the piece of jewelry will actually catch fire as the organic binder burns away, leaving in its place a piece of beautiful 999% pure silver. It is a magical process!

My Studio

Raw Material for Molds

Making a Mold

Process Molds

Wet Clay

Finished Charm

Unfired Charms

Maker Marks

Charms in Kiln

Drilling Stones

Necklace in Progress