Maisie and the Nantucket Daffodil Parade


When Brett Apthorp is not in her studio making fine silver jewelry, she’s writing about her beloved car, Maisie.

This new children's book is a story about Maisie, an antique car that was left abandoned and forgotten in an old red barn in Western Massachusetts. She is given to a lady who tows her to Nantucket Island, repairs her, decorates her and takes her in the Nantucket Daffodil Parade. Maisie is scorned by the fancy antique cars that are in the parade, but because of her wonderful attitude and endearing spirit, she is loved by the crowds and becomes the hit of the parade despite her weatherworn condition.

This unique and endearing book for kids is available locally at fine bookstores such as Mitchell's Bookstore and Bookworks on Nantucket. You can also order a copy online below.

Sample Illustrations

The Real Maisie