Simple Feminine Flower Necklace


We women are beautiful, smart, strong, wise and brave. The feminine power is within us all. We are most powerful when we become aware of our femaleness and celebrate and believe in it. We are stronger when we believe in each other and lift one another up to success and happiness. We are stronger when we commune together and comfort each other in times of grief and fear. We are stronger when we stand together against unfairness and injustice.

This limited edition line of jewelry is a physical representation of our unique feminine side. I was brought up to not speak of this area of my body. It was taboo, something to hide, something to secret away and save for a man.  Making these pieces reminded me of thoughts of female modesty, taught to us early in life and creating the formation of societal stigmas that we have today.

I created this jewelry in the hope that it would become a talisman for women, a touchstone for our for unity, strength and beauty and a symbol of female strength.

Pure silver pendant, hand carved details measuring 1/2″ x 7/8″ & hangs from a 16″ Sterling chain.

One-of-a-Kind orders will ship within 3 business days.

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