Spring Forth from Winter’s Thaw

Spring is coming to Nantucket slowly as it always does but, it is coming. I see daffodils popping up here and there, their happy faces swaying in the ocean breeze.

This is a special time of year for Two for Joy Jewelry as we begin uncovering Maisie, my 1961 Morris Minor, from her winter hibernation in the garage. She will be buffed, polished and shined to a beautiful glow, all primped and primed for the Nantucket Daffodil parade. If you are not familiar with Maisie, you can learn a bit more about her here. If you are on Nantucket on April 28th, come down and see the antique cars lining up for the parade on Main Street. It is such a fun day and an end to our long Winter!

This winter my mission has been to clarify the path for the journey of Two for Joy Jewelry. The website has been updated to reflect three distinct lines, The Ocean, which will feature items from and inspired by the sea, The Land, with textures and inspiration from nature and the beauty around us and The Ancient, filled with relic looking jewelry that might have been worn by people from ancient times.

I have also worked on refining my art. You will notice more gold, mixed metals and faux bone. I love the juxtaposition of opposites, light and dark & hard and soft. You will see this theme throughout my creations in the coming months, the underlying current will always be authentically inspired and organic. I look forward to the unveiling of my winter’s work at the Sustainable Nantucket Farmer’s and Artisans market this June. You will be able to find us there most Saturdays in July and August.

We will be bringing an additional item to the market this year, hand painted, vibrant and flowing, silk scarves. They come in all the colors of the rainbow to enhance whatever outfit you are wearing. Silk is warm in the winter and cool in the summer and always wonderful for our changeable weather.

I hope that you too are enjoying the thaw of winter and the birth of Spring. Take a moment for yourself, a walk somewhere wild and beautiful, close to nature. Breathe in the beauty that is around you, find your moment of bliss and enjoy. It only takes a moment…